Monday, May 2, 2011

Genesis Valley Mountain Resort, Consolacion, Cebu

Activity : Summer Get-away
Date : April 24, 2011
Venue : Genesis Valley Mountain Resort
Cabangahan, Consolacion, Cebu


Tanya said...

Where located this Genesis Valley Mountain Resort? and how much per night here?

Boracay Resorts

Garrie Lopecillo said...

No, this is not in Boracay. This is in Consolacion, Cebu. Somewhere in the mountain barangay of Consolacion, barangay Cabangahan. You can use google map to view the location.

Garrie Lopecillo said...

Room rate is 2000 pesos. Entrance for adult is 150 and 100 for children. Check their facebook account for more info.

CharChaser said...
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